The Doula’s Missing Link

Throughout my first year of being a Doula I felt there was something missing in the work I was doing. At that time I was unable to put my finger on it.  This hidden terrain between my birth work as a Doula and the postnatal health benefits of Placenta Encapsulation. After I attended a birth with clients and later went to the last postnatal appointments at their home, I felt a feeling that never set well with me. A feeling of sending them off with no realistic preparations and guidance on what to expect after baby is home. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to offer them more support, a guide book, anything to help them on their way through parenthood.

Not long ago I was fortunate enough to find Elly Taylor, the “Parenthood Pioneer.” Her message about the transition into parenthood being a ‘major understatement’ in our society stood out suddenly to me. I enrolled in her Becoming Us Facilitator course without a second thought. Over the last 7 months this feeling, this missing link emerged. I know what it is and I now have the tools and the training to be a seed planter, to prepare and guide families through this journey into parenthood. The missing link of setting families up to succeed, with realistic expectation on what challenges they have on the road ahead, how having a baby affects your relationship with your partner, friends, and family, how to prepare and navigate through the many transitions you will face in the next years of life with your baby.

Becoming Us™  focuses on 8 Stages to Grow a Family that Thrives! These stages cover what preparations can be made before baby comes, how to build your nest, adjusting expectations, focusing on family needs, embracing emotional vulnerability, developing new parent identity and self-esteem, negotiating differences, connection, disconnection, and re-connection.

All the skills and abilities for success as a parent can be found through this work. If you feel this would be beneficial for your family, reach out! I am always available and love to help others gain strength and confidence in their parenthood journey. For more information, please come to class or make an appointment for a one-on-one facilitation.

If you are a professional and want to be involved in this amazing training, please follow the links I provided below.

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