September Class Schedule

Hello everyone, I am very excited for the upcoming month and fall equinox, but I can’t believe how fast summer has gone. I have been busy working with families, attending lots of births and moving into our new location. Growth, while always challenging, can be exciting, too. What excites me is sharing the September class schedule at The Family Nest. Class size is limited with a minimum of 2 couples and a maximum of 4 couples. This allows for more interaction and questions. Take into account that these classes are much smaller and intimate so classes fill up fast. Sign up today by filling in this form or call Hillery @ (970) 216-5365

We start off the month with…

Newborn Care (2 week) Series: 9/6 and 9/13 @ 7:00 PM

This class is for expecting parents, new parents and anyone hoping to learn more about infant care. For expecting mothers and partners, we recommend this class be taken during the 2nd trimester. Register here

Easier Childbirth (5 week) Series: 9/12, 19, 26, 10/3, 10th @ 6:00 PM

My childbirth classes encompass a wide variety of skills for a natural, easier birth. You and your partner will learn and become comfortable with the stages and events of birth, gain knowledge for common medical interventions, relaxation and breathing techniques, birthing positions, comfort measures, and how to best support and connect with each other. Register here

Becoming Us Parenthood Prep (5 week) Series: 9/18, 25, 10/2, 9, 16th @ 6:00 PM

Becoming Us™ work will enhance & improve long-term child outcomes, but the main goal of these classes are to reduce parental stress, depression, and anxiety while giving you the support you need as a couple to plan ahead. By reducing stress, pressure and tension in the postpartum period you can minimize relationship problems and postpartum mood issues. Register here

New Dad’s Bootcamp (2 week) Series: 9/20 and 9/27 @ 7:00 PM

This is a great class for dads-to-be, think of it like a car maintenance class. It’s a pregnant lady maintenance class. That’s it. It’s not all sitting cross-legged on the floor playing breathing games and humming. There’s lots of solid practical stuff as well. You’ll learn about how to ramp up for the birth, care for mom and the baby in the early weeks, ways to calm your baby and tips for transforming into a dad. Register here

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