Placenta. The Tree of Life

~As women we have the choice to utilize our own placenta as a health benefit for mother and baby. My mission is to support the mother in capturing their own vital life force through placenta encapsulation. The vital nutrients in the placenta is an essential part of postpartum care. My heartfelt nature goes into processing each unique placenta by honoring the family’s personal needs.placenta, encapsulation, tree of life, postnatal depression, postnatal support, baby's first home, tincture, natural, oxytocin, breastfeeding, healthy, milk supply, baby blues, vitamin b, energy, hpl hormone, hormones, hormone balance, thrive, nurture, tincture, vital life force,

Researched Benefits of Placenta
*Replenishing your iron from blood loss during birth/help to prevent post birth anemia
*Lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends
*Preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression or ‘baby blues’
*Providing the HPL hormone to help establish early/healthy milk supply
*Offer natural pain relief from the labor and birth of the baby
*To stabilize your ever changing hormones post birth
*Protection from infection and bleeding
*To replenish your B vitamins and energy that were used during the birthing process

Main properties in a Placenta

Oxytocin: The feel good hormone. Creates feelings of bonding, pain relief, happiness, and elation.

Cortisone: This hormone unlocks energy stored in the body and combats stress.

Interferon: This hormone stimulates the immune system to fight off infections while the mother is healing from birth.

Prostaglandins: Acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Hemoglobin: Replenishes iron, stimulates iron production in blood.

Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing.

Prolactin/HPL: Stimulates healthy mammary function and milk production.

“Placenta: Made from the body, for the body!”

All of these properties combined are benefiting women and their babies through postnatal transitions. An overwhelming percentage of my clients rave about the use of their placenta after birth, and have an easier more satisfying postpartum recovery, which is gratifying to me and wonderful for them. If you would like more information please contact me for a free consultation.


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