Mother’s Day is right around the corner, start celebrating today!

mothers day celebration

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, start celebrating today… all week, all month, all damn year! It’s time to spoil yourself, by all means sister – you deserve it. Mama, you are constantly giving, constantly taking care of your families, constantly on the go. There is little time to recharge and rejuvenate, little time to reflect, little time to fill your cup.

How full is your cup right now? Have you been telling yourself that you’re just fine, because you’re used to (or even addicted to) being busy, productive and perpetually on the edge of exhaustion?

Just look back and reflect upon the last few days and the last few months, at all you’ve accomplished as a mother. Think back on the times, and I know there are many, when you put everything and everyone else before yourself. I have discovered that the biggest factor for many women, including myself, is feeling guilty when we practice self-care or treat ourselves. Guilt for taking the time for ourselves and guilt for using money exclusively on ourselves.

We, especially women it seems, have difficulty taking time for ourselves and prioritizing self-care. It often takes an illness or an accident to persuade us to give ourselves the time and care we need. And when we are stressed out, self-care is often the first thing we let go of. Well, It’s time to give back, ladies. 

Start by calling back all the energy that has been taking time away from your needs, visualize it, really see that energy coming back into your skin, your muscles, your bones, your heart. See and feel it radiating throughout your entire body. Use this energy to restore yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now that you have this energy flowing through your body, let’s take action! Grab a pen and paper and write down and say out loud at least 5 ways you can begin filling your cup, today. Because let me tell you, it’s damn near impossible to give from an empty cup. Essentially, we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. Did you know we are 45% more likely to follow through if we write it down and it’s even more effective when we say it out loud. Manifest that shit, sister!

What do you really want? What do you really need right now? What are at least 5 ways to make you happier and feel more fulfilled as a woman?

Do you need some time to yourself? A warm bath? More time in nature? To eat healthier? A night out with close friends? Do you want to make time for yourself every morning to stretch, write, or meditate? Is there a project you really want to start? A new habit, hobby, or skill? A retreat? A massage, facial, or pedicure? A vacation? Someone to cook meals for you a few times a week? Sunday morning snuggles? Hired help to clean the house? Play dates for the kiddos? A new exercise routine? Get more sleep? A technology break? Learn stress management techniques? 

The possibilities are endless, DO NOT hold back. This list is for YOU to begin a new self-care practice. Self- care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. When we take time to replenish our spirit, it allows us to serve others from the overflow. We cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Recharge and let your priorities be known, begin taking action and adopt ways for filling your cup up everyday so that it overflows, into and onto, the ones you care for and care about the most. Take care of yourself, start today… Sweet sister, you are worth it!

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