Mindful Labor & Birth Guide

This is a great BIRTH MANTRA to repeat to yourself: “I birth my baby with ease, relaxed, every surge is manageable and comfortable.”

As a birth Doula I have assisted many women to have empowered birth experiences. Through my work I have found that these three tips have been a blessing in the birth room. I hope you enjoy!

Here are my 3 Tips to help you during labor and birth.
TIP #1
Have confidence in your bodies ability to give birth.
Take a deep breath and let go of any unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts you may have about pain during labor and birth. Birth doesn’t need to be painful. You feel confident, calm, and positive knowing that your body and DNA have ensured the physical structure of your uterus and pelvis. It is perfectly designed to adapt, change, and assist your baby in labor and birth. Your baby, brain and body works harmoniously together. 

TIP #2
Know how to calm yourself down.
Slow down, take a few deep breaths, and access the power of controlling yourself while adding compassion to yourself in the moment. Provide yourself with a safe haven in your mind you can return to again and again, no matter where you may be. It could be as simple as sitting down with your eyes closed for 5 minutes envisioning the kiss on your babies cheek, soft skin, their sweet smell. Feel secure, by grounding and centering yourself during labor.

TIP #3
Stay connected to your baby.
Get connected through sensations and movement. This connection supports the baby and together, you work as a team. Remember, the baby feels what you feel. For example, If you happen to be laboring on your back and feeling pain, your baby might be telling you, “I need a little more room here.” So you get up into a standing position and sway your hips, you move to feel better. You are doing what your baby needs to alleviate the pain. Go team work!

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