Mama Needs Self-Care

Autumn hugs dear mamas!


Looking out the window to see Mt. Sopris covered in a soft blanket of snow gently reminds me, summer is officially over. It is now time to harvest what we have tended to all spring and summer and let go of what remains, to make space for new growth.
How can we let go of the things that do not service anymore? Especially in this fast-paced, hurry up and go, sensory overloaded world. Today, the level of sensory stimulation is so great. This has an extreme impact on our health, especially our nervous system. Sensory overload is too much for the nervous system to process and manage. So what do we do?

We take time out, to care for ourselves. Everyday!

This can be anything that gives you pleasure and allows you to connect back to your natural rhythm. From walking in nature, to sitting quietly with focused awareness on your breath for 15 minutes. Even taking a few minutes throughout the day to be thankful for your blessings can be a start. Simple minutes to yourself will help ground and connect you back to your true self. Bringing balance to your day.

      Mama needs self-care. If these simple minutes become a habit, then they evolve into tools you can use when things feel out of sorts or increased stress arise. Here are my favorites….
Happy Blissful Mama Care To You!
1. Relax in a warm bath with a few drops of lavender. This can quiet the mind and take your stress away.
2. Spend 20 minutes sitting quietly appreciating what you have, just be in the moment.
3. Read a quote from your favorite poet or book.
4. Don’t pick up your phone, turn on the tv, or get on the computer for the first 30 minutes you’re awake. Your mind is extremely susceptible to persuasion at this early awakened state of mind.
5. Prepare your coffee or tea while giving meaningful thought to your intention for the day. Manifest destiny.
6. Meditate for 20 minutes and breathe. Spiritual connection to your higher self is important for balance.
7. Stretch in the morning or before bedtime.
8. Go somewhere you’ve never been or do something you’ve never done.
9. Be silly and dance like no one’s watching. We are healthier when we smile and laugh.
10. Slow down. When we live life at top speed, we miss most of it.


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