The Love Hormone

What triggers birth and how do I trust the process?

Nature has designed birth in such a unique way to be calm and manageable. Our bodies have triggers that release hormones, these hormones are what helps us cope with the intensities, emotions, and bodily changes in labor. So, let’s break it down.

Where does it all start?

Going into labor with a positive state of mind and great physical well-being will determine how you will react to the process of labor. If you feel mentally prepared and physically ready for a positive outcome, you are on the path for an empowered birth experience. You will respond to the birthing process with much more ease and confidence.

So how do I manage the sensations of labor?

I lovingly introduce to you the Wonderful World of HORMONES…..Que the drum roll…..Hormones are finely detailed and balanced to create a ‘hormonal cocktail’ that trigger all functions of labor and birth. These cocktails are prepared for the body at every specific stage of labor and birth and should need no other outside interference such as medical support or intervention. Forcing the body to go through these stages of labor through unnecessary medical proceedure is unnatural to the human design. It’s upsetting but yet, this is how many women in our modern times are birthing their babies without the natural secretion of hormones. By trusting your body’s innate wisdom for birth you will be able to give birth naturally and confidently.

The responsibility of hormones during labor and birth impact your emotions, but they also move muscles, relax ligaments, and expand the birth canal. The length of your labor is nature’s way of gradually, and carefully dilating the birth passage for your baby. Trust in your process!

Oxytocin, the ‘Love Hormone’!

It rushes into your body when you fall in love or receive a hug, but most importantly it is secreted during the first signals of labor. Aiding you to go inward and let the body take control. It flushes through your body giving you comfort, relief, and calm surges. Oxytocin is produced when your uterus contracts which produces more oxytocin helping the uterus contract effectively. This is a constant, circular motion of working with the brain, uterine muscles, and relaxing the body physically and mentally. This beautiful cycle will continue as long as there is no interference from tension, fear, interventions, artificial hormones, or synthetic drugs. The constant surge of Oxytocin will be the best natural high of your life and something you will never forget. Take advantage of nature’s love drug. It will only enhance you experience of birth, but also ensure the bonding capabilities and the unconditional love you will feel for your baby.

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