Knowing the Unknown… Are you prepared?

“Knowing the Unknown” is a phrase I like to share with you today. If you are a first time parent or have had multiple children you know there are many unanswered questions about how this baby will change your life. There is a lot of growth that happens as you become a family. Do you want to become as prepared as possible for the upcoming changes? How do you do that? Well, you can choose to read a billion books, talk to friends who have done this before, or take an education class. Education classes are the number one way to get your own personal guide, so you can “know the unknown.” But the main goals of the education classes are to reduce parental stress, depression, and anxiety while giving you the support you need as a couple to plan ahead. By reducing stress, pressure and tension during this period you can minimize relationship problems and postpartum mood issues. All the skills and abilities for success as a parent can be found through this work.

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I have prepared a series of classes for you in a private, personal setting. By keeping the class size small, I offer you an intimate space to learn, grow, and give you support during this period that is desirable, normal and increases coping capacity. Professionals have called it the “transition into parenthood”, but becoming a family is more like an adventure into the unknown! I use the 8 Steps to guide you into “Becoming Us” from Parenthood Researcher and Author Elly Taylor. Below you will find the foundations of this work.

Done a birth plan? It’s important to plan for those first few weeks afterwards too. Organize finances and work leave and find a Childbirth Educator, Doula or Midwife who prepares both of you with information to adjust after you get your baby home too.
Turn off the screens, tune out the news (the big headline is in your arms)! Hunker down with your baby and reach out for support. Relatives, friends and professionals can organize meals and do chores. Your priorities are nesting, resting and bonding as a new family. The outside world can wait!
Life with a new baby may not be quite how you pictured it. Some days will be blissful and others will be blah. Most will be a mixture of everything in between! Realistic expectations mean you can plan for the chaos and know when, and who to reach out to, for support…and, like most parents, you’ll need it.
Here’s where life starts to become your “new normal” as baby settles into a routine and you can focus more on your own needs. Build in healthy eating, stress relief and exercise habits now so you can continue coping well into
your family’s future – no matter what life throws at you!
In pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, you are both primed to be sensitive to your baby. This means mixed feelings are normal and you’re also likely to be more sensitive to each other! Becoming comfortable sharing your feelings helps you both adjust – and takes your relationship to a whole new level.
If your life after baby is very different to life before, this can mean extra adjustment for you and extra understanding from your partner. Respecting, appreciating and supporting each other in your new roles is vital. Supported partners make awesome parents, so your co-parenting journey really starts here!
A whopping 92% of parents report increased conflict in the first year after baby. Yep, really. With sleep deprivation, new stresses and steep learning curves, it’s normal, so don’t panic! You can learn skills for intimate communication so your differences bring you closer instead of sending you apart.
Research says 67% of parents report relationship dissatisfaction in the first 3 years of family. But there are ways to increase happiness, stay connected and even deepen your bond. The connection between you – your “Us” – is the foundation for your family…so look after the bond and your baby will thank you too!
You and your partner will learn and become comfortable with the stages and events of birth, gain knowledge for common medical interventions, learn relaxation and breathing techniques, birthing positions, comfort measures, and how to best support and connect with each other in the birth room.

Cost: $250/couple. Payment plans are available. My mission is to help everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. To apply for a payment plan, please email me at

Dates: Classes are every Wednesday night from 6:00pm-9:00pm at The Orchard Gathering Center Room #205. JAN. 18, 25, FEB 1, 8, 15, 22, MARCH 1

Becoming Us™ Parents Program/Childbirth Workshop – 7 Week Series Sign Up Here

“Having a baby can change different aspects of your life and some of your relationships. Along with all the good stuff, there are normal changes and challenges that you can prepare for. Prepared parents adjust more easily to their new life after baby.” – Elly Taylor

Becoming Us™ Parents Program/Childbirth Workshop – 7 Week Series Sign Up Here

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