Hey there... I'm Hillery. Certified Doula and Childbirth Strategist.

Hillery Lyen Doula

I’ve been a certified doula & childbirth strategist for over 7 years and served 203 families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. I also specialize in herbal medicine for women and love making simple, organic salves & tinctures as special gifts for my clients and their babies.

I love helping pregnant mothers find their birth power and become birth warriors. I also love bringing out my authentic self and building relationships into unforgettable friendships. It's exciting to see families grow up and be involved in their lives.

As a doula and childbirth educator...

I value true connection, being genuine & authentic. My realness sets me apart. You will find I am super down to earth, funny, and easy to talk to.

I understand how hard it can be to share such an intimate experience with someone you barely know. That’s why during our prenatal visits it’s important we build a solid foundation built on trust and respect. Along the way I will be planting the seeds to help prepare and guide you through the many changes you are about to experience.

I share up-to-date and evidence-based information to help you make birth choices that align with your values and navigate the unknown intensities of labor & birth. My goal is to get crucial information into your hands because this birth will impact YOUR LIFE the most…NOT your doctors.

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My unexpected path to birth work:

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Want to know more about me?

I think spring and summer is where it’s at, baby! The longer sunny days, the warmth, rafting, wild-crafting, making salves & herbal remedies, biking, working in my garden, canning food, and camping are few of my favorite activities. I am a Colorado Native and don’t know what I would do without sunshine on my face.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend and have a piece of paradise on the Roaring Fork River. We share our blissful acre with our chickens, cat, dog, ‘Road Rash’ the deer, wild bunnies, a turkey or two, and an occasional ‘Big Bear’ eating apples in the backyard. I feel very grateful for my life and I love sharing my unique gifts and blessings with others, which is the reason I love my work with new families so much.