Having “A BALL” with pregnancy and birth

pregnancy and birth movement techniques to ease tension and pain in labor

Having an exercise ball can ease tension and lessen pain for you and your baby during pregnancy and labor. Below you will find some great movement techniques you can start using today! If you would like more ideas or support for birth I recommend looking into doula care as well.

     For one, I find exercise balls are comfortable to sit on and using them can relax the pelvis while allowing your baby to get into an optimal position. In today’s world, too much reclining and couch sitting can put baby at risk for undesirable positioning late in pregnancy. I urge you to use an exercise ball to sit on if you want to relax and watch TV, use the computer, or bring one to work. Especially if your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, an exercise ball can replace your office chair. Even hospitals today have exercise balls readily available in their labor rooms for you to use during your stay.

     So let’s begin with the first movement I call “Bounce Baby”. Roll your ball underneath your bottom so that your pelvis is up right and you are in the seated position. Make sure your feet are firmly placed on the floor right above your knees and breathe deeply in and out. Begin to softly bounce up and down. While breathing deeply and bouncing, start by relaxing your head… now your neck… shoulders… arms… back… belly and baby… pelvis… legs… and feet.

    After you feel relaxed and loose, stop bouncing and firmly plant your feet on the ground, hip width apart, and breathe.

Next, is called “Sexy Circles”. Begin to move your pelvis to the left in a circular motion for a count of 10. You can rotate your hips in large circles or smaller circles, whichever feels best for the pelvis and spine. Remember to breathe and smile. Imagine your body as fluid as the seaweed and grass moving in the oceans current. Then change direction to the right for a count of 10. After doing sexy circles you should feel your pelvis and spine loosen and relax.

    The last movement technique is “Sweet Relief”. This will lift your diaphragm and offer relief and aid digestion, heartburn, stretch and lengthen the torso at the same time. While sitting on your ball, take a deep breath in and lift both arms UP towards the sky, breathe out and lower your arms down to your side. Rub your baby and say “hello” and then start again. Do this 3 times. Breathe in… raise… breathe out… and lower… caress baby and say hello.  Next,  breathe in and start to only raise the left arm to the sky. With your arm raised high bend to the right, breathe out and feel a soft stretch in the left rib cage and torso. Breathe softly in and out and hold your position for a five-count. Come back up and lower your arm, then repeat for the right side. You may repeat as many times as you need until you and baby are relaxed, loose, and connected.

    This series can be done any time to help strengthen, relax, and gain movement in your pelvis, cervix, back, and belly. I hope you have enjoyed our time together and I look forward to sharing more tips with you here at The Family Nest. If you would like more information about me, find out here. Take Care!

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