Four Essentials for Intuitive Birthing

Physical: In Colorado we are so lucky to be surrounded by wildlife, mountains, and sweet nectar. Get outside and wash your body in beauty and fresh air. Exercise is important and will boost endorphin levels. It is also important to strengthen your legs, hips, and back muscles for labor. Simple exercises and dance is a fun way to strengthen without it seeming like work.

Mental: Balance the day favoring the positive and minimizing negative thought. Modify distressing thoughts, images, or reinforce coping thoughts and images. Meditation and relaxation rituals can help to connect you back to yourself, your body, and your baby. My childbirth classes are great for preparing you and your partner mentally for learning and becoming comfortable with the stages and events of labor and birth, learning relaxation techniques, guided meditation to promote restfulness, and parenting skills for what’s right around the corner.

Emotional: Engage in activities that boost self-esteem. Share with your partner by communicating your needs using ‘I’ messages. Become an active listener too. This bond will have a large impact on the two of you for the changes ahead and adjusting expectations. If you would like to learn more about this and 8 Steps to Becoming a Family that Thrives, come to parenting class.

Environmental: Lessen over-scheduling. Don’t ignore down time and relaxation. Losing sleep can cause biological damage to our bodies. Don’t use Dr. Google, please ask a professional for references and resources. Google searches rarely give you adequate information to make informed decisions for your family.

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