Simple, but powerful moments with Dad.

I love my father so much and honor his memory, happy Father’s Day Dad! I think it is all about the simple, but powerful moments with dad. Not only on Father’s day, but every day. They add up and it’s typically the smallest things that matter most.

This father’s day I want to encourage you to recognize the importance of each simple, but powerful moments with Dad. If you think about it, life is only a sum total of moments taking place over a period of time.

What would’ve happened had you not had that one moment with your first love and now wife? Your children wouldn’t be here today, the love and support you’ve experienced over all these years would have never been there. And that is just one example of a thousand moments per day that we take for granted on a regular basis. Let’s take a moment to appreciate each simple “moment in time.” Warning, this is a intimate share about my experience of why I believe these moments matter so much and should never be taken for granted.

My father was a gambling, gold miner who tramped all across southern Colorado, striving for the American dream. He lived his early days by taking risks in hopes of striking it rich on gold. He was a serial entrepreneur, a rebel, and a true mountain man with a heart of gold.

“There is a lure in power. It can get into a man’s blood just as gambling and lust for money have been known to do.”
― Harry S. Truman

Unfortunately, my parents got divorced when I was 5 years old and he wasn’t really apart of my life until I was about nine, except for the occasional holiday & birthday cards with $100 bills inside. Which at 7 years old, to me a 100 dollar bill meant that I was rich! And I was rich, to have a father like him. My father shared with me years later that those years he spent away from me, were.. the… hardest… knowing he was missing out on so much of my life.

My father did come back into my life when I was 9 years old, sober and ready to make up for lost time and begin building a stronger relationship with me. That summer we drove cross country in his red VW Beetle and listened to the oldies like Rockin’ Robin, Twist and Shout, and Hound Dog the whole drive. We fished, swam and camped along the way. He taught me how to ride 4-wheelers, told the best stories about his wild gold miner days, and we always went to Silverton, CO for July 4th fireworks. By far the best show in Colorado if you ask me!

Looking back, the memories of the simple, but powerful moments that happen throughout daily life bring me joyful visions on Father’s Day.

Especially the memories of the last days that we had together. I lost my father November 4, 2014 from a stroke that left his body 80% paralyzed. I remember the last few days we had together in Hospice. Oh my gosh, the Hospice workers are incredible, amazing, gifted people that show they truly care about you and your family. They really made a huge impact on our lives.

When we arrived at the entrance, I asked the ambulance driver if he would allow us to have 10 minutes of sunshine before my father was rolled inside. Dad got to feel the sunshine on his face one last time. He loved sitting in the sun, always enjoyed working on his tan and soaking up the warmth from the Colorado sun. Even though he could not speak, oh… the glitter in his eye and the smile that came over him filled me with such peace, serenity and love because I knew that this moment and every moment we had in these last few days together were going to be powerful.

Other special moments we had with dad were watching the Broncos play the next afternoon with my husband and nephew, even though they lost. I could almost hear him say, “those damn donkeys.” Dad kind of had a love/hate relationship with the Broncos. Cheering them on when they won. Cussing them out when they lost. But, never the less enjoying each game.

I remember the soft essence and presence that swept in and overcame the room when he slipped away into another dimension and left his physical body. The presence of his spirit and life-loving personality. That presence is what I feel to this very day when I think of my father. He loved every minute of his life and would let you know how grateful the simple, but powerful moments meant to him on a daily basis.

His memory never fades, but it was the smallest of moments I hold close to my heart like his daily phone calls just to check in, simply to see what I was doing that day and shower me with unconditional love and admiration. At the time I felt they were a little much, but I would give anything for just one phone call. If I missed his call he would always end his message with, “Give me a ringy, dingy, bye”. He woke up each morning with such happiness and vigor for the day, praising his lord Jesus and full of gratitude for his life and all he had.

The point I’m trying to make is to take advantage of those small moments in life because those are what I remember the most from my father, not the big moments but the tiniest moments are what bring a smile to my face.
Enjoy those because they tend to matter most. Those simple, but powerful moments with Dad.

P.S. I came across this the other day and thought it was such a cool idea for a Father’s day gift if you’re looking. It’s a personalized book staring him and baby! Pretty cool idea.

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