Roaring Folk Valley: Easier Childbirth Classes

The Rocky Mountains are a great place to be pregnant! We are surrounded by gigantic mountains, wildlife, wild flowing rivers, deep powder, and endless sunshine. What a blessing, and now you have been blessed with a child. A new baby brings excitement, nervousness, and curiosity all in one breath. But, you’ve come to the right place and I welcome you with open arms. Come to class and celebrate parenthood with me! Celebrate and cherish the gift we have to create and sustain life.

The childbirth education series prepares you for all outcomes and allows you to tune into your desired birth, to your body and to your baby.
-M. Bowling

Nourish yourself and prepare for your baby. You deserve it!

Why is it important to take Easier Childbirth classes?

  • Childbirth classes help build confidence in your bodies ability to give birth. Gaining guidance + advice about birth helps to propel us into the direction of an easier birth experience.
  • Support systems help us make it happen. You can discuss your concerns about birth with your instructor and other couples that share the same concerns.
  • A safe space to spend time dreaming up our visions for birth.
  • You will learn pain relief options such as positions, massage, movement techniques, relaxation, breathing techniques, and medications.
  • Your partner can learn what you may need on the big day as far as support, touch, what to expect and what questions to ask care providers.
  • We need delicious, probing questions about labor and birth to help us get to the soul of what it is we need.
  • Get an entire class and overview of what to expect for breastfeeding after you have your baby.
Schedule and Registration

In the Childbirth Class You will learn:

  • Basic Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology and the easiest way for your baby to make it into your arms
  • Labor Stages & Signs of Labor
  • Hands-on Labor Coping and Support Techniques and Labor Positions
  • Appropriate uses of Medical Technologies and interventions
  • Understanding advocacy and how to make Informed Decisions during Labor
  • How to work with Fears and Anxieties
  • Breastfeeding basics and what to Expect during the First Weeks
  • Immediate newborn care and procedures

Easier Childbirth Classes

childbirth education comfort techniquesThe Family Nest childbirth classes encompass a wide variety of skills for a natural, easier birth. You become comfortable with all the tools you’ll need to cultivate and nurture your vision, intuition, and perceptions about birth. Register today to gain confidence in your body, to trust your innate ability to give birth and to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

A body? Check. A baby? Check. Positive attitude and education? Check.

Next, you and your partner will learn and become comfortable with the stages and events of birth, gain knowledge for common medical interventions, relaxation and breathing techniques, birthing positions, comfort measures, breastfeeding education, and how to best support and connect with each other.

pregnancy and birth movement techniques to ease tension and pain in laborMy childbirth classes will also include a breastfeeding class through Roaring Fork Lactaion, parenthood preparation, including an overview of what to expect after birth, how to set up a secure base like nutrition, rest, reasonable expectations, and routine so you both can tackle any challenges you face, also how developing new parent identity and self esteem may affect you separately, together as a couple, and how to prepare for and support each other through the many changes to come.

They’re great – as Hillery learns more about her clients, she’ll tailor the sessions. Which is what makes this such a wonderful series. I found a deeper level of understanding about myself and connection with my baby.

What you need to know…

Parents should schedule classes between 24 and 28 weeks in your pregnancy to ensure completion by your 36th week. They take place at The Family Nest: >> schedule & registration

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