10 Tips for the Best Cesarean Birth Possible

cesarean birth

Here are 10 tips for the best cesarean birth possible. Creating a very special and satisfying birth experience for you, your partner, and your baby. You may have learned that you must have a cesarean birth or a planned cesarean for your safety or the baby’s. But, aside from clear medical indications for cesarean section,…

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How Doulas support Cesarean Births

how doula support can enhance a cesarean birth

For Cesarean Awareness Month, I’d like to share how doula support can enhance cesarean births and help bring forth a meaningful experience. When working with expectant mothers I like to ask what they envision for their birth experience. Many soon-to-be mothers who seek out my support are anticipating having a vaginal birth or a VBAC…

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Giving birth during a Pandemic. Holding steady at 8 cm dilated

Childbirth during a pandemic

Giving birth during a pandemic has it’s own impact much differently than in years past. In the best of times, preparing for labor and delivery is both exciting and nerve-wracking. But if you’ll be giving birth during the global coronavirus pandemic, you may understandably be feeling more stressed and apprehensive than joyful. I interviewed Collette…

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Doula & Midwife: What’s the difference?

Doulas and midwives have very different roles when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. I like to say “doulas are the coachers and midwives are the catchers.” A birth doula is a trained professional that offers emotional support, physical comfort techniques and positions, advocacy, and educational support during pregnancy, labor, and through the postpartum period.…

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The gift of self-advocating

When we ask prospective clients why they are interested in having a doula at the birth of their child, most people include something to the tune of “I want someone to advocate for me at the hospital.” We get this. It can be daunting to imagine oneself in labor, having to remember all the details…

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Mindful Labor & Birth Guide

This is a great BIRTH MANTRA to repeat to yourself: “I birth my baby with ease, relaxed, every surge is manageable and comfortable.” As a birth Doula I have assisted many women to have empowered birth experiences. Through my work I have found that these three tips have been a blessing in the birth room. I hope…

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The Love Hormone

What triggers birth and how do I trust the process? Nature has designed birth in such a unique way to be calm and manageable. Our bodies have triggers that release hormones, these hormones are what helps us cope with the intensities, emotions, and bodily changes in labor. So, let’s break it down. Where does it…

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Four Essentials for Intuitive Birthing

Physical: In Colorado we are so lucky to be surrounded by wildlife, mountains, and sweet nectar. Get outside and wash your body in beauty and fresh air. Exercise is important and will boost endorphin levels. It is also important to strengthen your legs, hips, and back muscles for labor. Simple exercises and dance is a fun way to…

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