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Mama Needs Self-Care

Autumn hugs dear mamas!   Looking out the window to see Mt. Sopris covered in a soft blanket of snow gently reminds me, summer is officially over. It is now time to harvest what we have tended to all spring and summer and let go of what remains, to make space for new growth. How […] Read more

Mindful Labor & Birth Guide

This is a great BIRTH MANTRA to repeat to yourself: “I birth my baby with ease, relaxed, every surge is manageable and comfortable.” As a birth Doula I have assisted many women to have empowered birth experiences. Through my work I have found that these three tips have been a blessing in the birth room. I hope […] Read more

What is a postpartum doula?

It is an honor and privilege to introduce you to Teresa Weinstein, she is a postpartum doula and has been following this passion for over 15 years, help me welcome her into our community! Come meet us at Glenwood Library Aug 23 @ 7pm and Carbondale Library Sept 13 @ 6pm for more information plus […] Read more


Have you ever wondered what all the hype about a doula is? Well then, I am here to tell you 10 reasons of how they help you have the best possible birth. Birth can be one of the most joyful experiences a woman has. With the help of a doula she may feel more supported […] Read more

The Love Hormone

What triggers birth and how do I trust the process? Nature has designed birth in such a unique way to be calm and manageable. Our bodies have triggers that release hormones, these hormones are what helps us cope with the intensities, emotions, and bodily changes in labor. So, let’s break it down. Where does it […] Read more

Having “A BALL” with pregnancy and birth

pregnancy and birth movement techniques to ease tension and pain in labor

Having an exercise ball can ease tension and lessen pain for you and your baby during pregnancy and labor. Below you will find some great movement techniques you can start using today! If you would like more ideas or support for birth I recommend looking into doula care as well.      For one, I […] Read more

Four Essentials for Intuitive Birthing

Physical: In Colorado we are so lucky to be surrounded by wildlife, mountains, and sweet nectar. Get outside and wash your body in beauty and fresh air. Exercise is important and will boost endorphin levels. It is also important to strengthen your legs, hips, and back muscles for labor. Simple exercises and dance is a fun way to […] Read more

Birthday Kisses from an Angel

My mother’s birthday was today. Wanda would’ve been seventy-two years old, celebrating next to me, if I had it my way. Instead, I find myself in nature where I feel closest to her. While hiking up Grizzly Creek, I find myself surrounded by PURPLE BUTTERFLIES and I can feel her spirit all around me. Her […] Read more

The Doula’s Missing Link

Throughout my first year of being a Doula I felt there was something missing in the work I was doing. At that time I was unable to put my finger on it.  This hidden terrain between my birth work as a Doula and the postnatal health benefits of Placenta Encapsulation. After I attended a birth […] Read more

Placenta. The Tree of Life

~As women we have the choice to utilize our own placenta as a health benefit for mother and baby. My mission is to support the mother in capturing their own vital life force through placenta encapsulation. The vital nutrients in the placenta is an essential part of postpartum care. My heartfelt nature goes into processing […] Read more

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