Birthday Kisses from an Angel

mothers day, happy birthday, mom, love, number oneMy mother’s birthday was today. Wanda would’ve been seventy-two years old, celebrating next to me, if I had it my way. Instead, I find myself in nature where I feel closest to her. While hiking up Grizzly Creek, I find myself surrounded by PURPLE BUTTERFLIES and I can feel her spirit all around me. Her favorite color was purple so every time I see purple, I think of her and I feel her. I can’t help but think that every PURPLE BUTTERFLY I see is another kiss from my Mother. First I notice one, then three, a few minutes later there are more. “Birthday Kisses from an Angel” I say to myself as the tears well up in my eyes, caress my cheeks and soften my heart.

I lost my mother at twenty-five years old, right as I was initiating a new realm of womanhood. I wanted her there, I needed her there. This was a time in my life when I had just began to figure out how to present myself as a woman, cherish my beauty, and I found myself searching for a mentor to show me the way. I remember my brother saying, “Hillery, you can only depend on yourself, nobody else can show you the way.” But somehow, today, every butterfly I saw reminded me that after all this time, she had never really left my side. With every butterfly I see, memories came flooding in and there were numerous times in my life where I felt her guidance and heard her voice, her laugh, felt her touch. I am so blessed to look at myself and see so much of her in me! So on this day I would like to thank my Mother Wanda, for always being there inside my heart. And for today, giving me a thousand Birthday Kisses from an Angel.

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  1. SUMMER PINE on May 13, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    This is beautiful! <3

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