Why I LOVE Doula Care

birth doula glenwood springsWhat I enjoy most about being a Doula is helping pregnant mothers find their birth power. I love to give a personal touch to build relationships into unforgettable friendships. I understand how hard it can be to share such an intimate experience with someone you barely know. This is why I take special care and many prenatal visits to build a solid foundation built on trust and respect. Along the way I will be planting the seeds to help prepare and guide you through the many changes you are about to experience. There is no question that this is a life-changing experience, with the capacity to transform your life and relationships.

There is nothing more beautiful than helping a couple bring new life into the world.

“I have had the good fortune to work with Hillery as a birth doula with families in my homebirth midwifery practice. She possesses an innate comfort and confidence among laboring women that is a true gift to those she serves.”
– Dina Bowers, RM, CPM at Mountainside Midwifery

Are you looking for a Doula that understands your unique needs? A doula who can help plan for the birth experience you want?

Come to one of the Meet the Doula Nights!

I am your personal guide through pregnancy, giving encouragement and reassurance every step of the way. As you know, there are many growth stages you are going through. From emotional and spiritual changes to the physical aspects of pregnancy, labor, and birth so having a step-by-step planning guide is a valuable tool and part of mastering childbirth. My prenatal visits strive to meet you and your partner exactly where you are at, and to support you fully as you make decisions about a birth plan. It’s really about helping you discover and prepare for the birth experience you truly want.

I’m there to encourage and empower you every step of the way!

Find packages below that fit your unique needs.

Doula Care During Pregnancy

During our prenatal visits you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques and taught how to practice them at home. You will learn about pain relief in childbirth and the different methods of managing it. You and your partner will become familiar with the stages and events of birth, how to tackle unexpected events, and discuss common medical interventions. You will learn about birthing positions and how using a variety will provide increased comfort. Together, we will have the right tools to manage each contraction, engage movement and comfort techniques to ease tension, and have taken the time to build up your confidence. Forming ways to instill positive self talk during your pregnancy can create positive experiences. Combined with a mind, body connection to trust your ability to give birth naturally and comfortably.

Doula Care During Your Birth

Compared to hospital staff who have many clients they may be attending to, I am constantly present supporting you and your family during your entire labor and birth. I offer unconditional emotional, physical, and informational support to you regardless of your choices for childbirth. I believe in taking the time to “dig deep” with you ahead of time so you feel prepared to take charge of your birth. What kind of birth experience do you want? Book an appointment here for a free consultation and discover what can make your birth experience so empowering!

It is an honor to be both a witness and support to your family in this precious time.

Doula Care Postpartum

I feel that there is a necessity to care for the family after baby arrives at home. So I expanded my services to reflect a support system for parents as they transition to ‘homebase’. My role as a doula offers a full range of care options for a healthy postpartum recovery through postpartum doula care, and placenta encapsulation.

I believe that strengthening family relationships is the core to changing lives.

“Hillery was present at our home for the labor and delivery of our daughter on December 30, 2014. During the early part of labor she was by my side while I moved through contractions in the tub. At this point I was able to rest between contractions and Hillery did a great job to warn me when the next one was approaching, so I wouldn’t get startled awake from it. She provided breathing techniques at the appropriate time when the contractions started to get heavier, I remember thinking- “ok, I can do this, this breath makes it more bearable.”
-Kelly Lemere

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