Have you ever wondered what all the hype about a doula is?

Well then, I am here to tell you 10 reasons of how they help you have the best possible birth. Birth can be one of the most joyful experiences a woman has. With the help of a doula she may feel more supported and safer, allowing her mind and body to open up and give in to the birth process easier with less pain.

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AUGUST 23 @ 7PM at the Glenwood Springs Library

SEPTEMBER 13 @ 6PM at the Carbondale Library

Here are 10 reasons you may want a doula by your side.

  1. Help you have a healthier, shorter, happier birth experience.
  2. Facilitate and support you to defer to your own inner authority around your life, your pregnancy, and your birth.
  3. Guard your sovereignty.
  4. Stimulate you to stay connected to your body, the baby, and your partner during labor.
  5. Guide you to access “Your True Power” as you take this wonderful journey into motherhood.
  6. Benefit from grounding and centering rituals to practice, which connect us as women and through birth.
  7. Maintain respect and honor in the birth room.
  8. Dive deeply into the interconnectedness of movement and birth.
  9. Educating mother and partner on the essentials for effective, intuitive birthing. Sensation, Freedom of movement, and Optimal Positioning.
  10. Comforted and supported to be on the “Center Stage” as the goddess you innately are!

If you would like more information on birth doulas and postpartum doulas, please join us August 23 at the Glenwood Springs Library at 7pm and September 13th at the Carbondale Library at 6pm. Hope to see you there!

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